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The easiest way to convert your website vistors.
Handcrafting your ideal customer experience takes mindful consideration. We make it easy. Our themes turn a boring Wufoo form into a work of art that you will be proud to share with your best customers.
Simply Copy + Paste

Instantly receive every theme to your inbox.

Simply copy the URL from your welcome email into Wufoo and your form will instantly look 1000x better. (Yep, we measured it!)

Lifetime Updates

Design patterns change, your website does, so should your themes.

When you purchase Wufoo Themes, you're not only buying themes that look good day. We regularly make updates to older themes based on the lastest trends in web design.

Reuse the themes on any website you're working on.

Paired With Fonts

Call us your Wufoo theme Sommelier. We paired each theme with a beautiful typeface provided by Wufoo.

Latest Social Designs

Your themes take inspiration from the websites you love. Simply choose a design that suits your taste and change it at any time.

Shhh...We'll Share Our Secrets

Upgrade and you'll receive over two hours of screencasts with DIY instructions to edit and create your own themes.

Time Is Money

We understand, sometimes deadlines and attention to detail aren't friends. If you need a custom theme, we'll create one for you.

What does a beautiful theme look like?


Match your theme to your brand. Provide your customers with a continuous experience without feeling they were pushed to another website.

Conversion Optimisation

Optimise form conversions by using best practices in UX design. Your website users shouldn't feel like they are pushed to another site.

Clean Data

It's common that Wufoo users create forms that produce messy data because they look more appealing. Leave the design us and focus on capturing useful data.

What our customers say about their Wufoo Themes

We asked out customers for honest testimonials. Here is what they said.


Don't take our word for it, have a look at a few selected screenshots for yourself.


One size never fits all. We've created three packages, find the one best for you.
Gimme' Themes Now!


  • Lifetime access to all current themes

  • Free updates for future versions of current themes

Brand Connoisseur


  • Everything in the other packages, PLUS

  • A personal hand-crafted theme designed for your website.

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